Below is a collection of my latest projects.I developed visual identity projects for these activities, starting depending on the project, from different fields of graphic design, in particular logo design, brand identity and web design.

AOZ ambulantes opertation zentrum
Logo and Rebranding.

The project started with the corporate rebranding of the medical office which, with the move to a new location, wanted to have a more modern and recognizable image. The main objective was to communicate safety and modernity. The patient / client has a fundamental role in the new corporate communication.


HafenSounds Festival
Visual Identity, Logo, Branding

The “HafenSounds” are a festival of the cultural centre franz.K, which took place for the first time in 2021 on the OpenAir site echaz.Hafen in Reutlingen.
During the “HafenSounds”, bands of different genres play on an urban square directly on the banks of the Echaz (river in Reutlingen).
The visual identity of the festival uses a special font and a compass as a flexible element with a harbour reference.

Gli amici di "Winnie The Pooh"
Baby's school, kindergarten
Visual Identity, Logo, Website

“Gli Amici di Winnie the Pooh” is a school, playground and kindergarten that needed a new visual identity, the idea for the realization is related to the world of children and their education, so I recreated the characters of the cartoon, starting from basic shapes and using “basic” colours, all in a lively and attractive communicative context.

Rebranding, Logo, SubBrand

Emasystems is an electrical technology security systems company that needed a new visual identity to better communicate safe and security. The new identity should connect with the new services of planning, consulting and education. corporate communication.

franzK Kultur Zentrum
Web Site Design.

The new website’s design of the this important cultural center  (Reutlingen,GE) is based on a simple and intuitive “usability” by the users and, at the same time, on a stylistic idea that reminded of the cultural center’ structure. Particular importance was given to the calendar, given the large amount and variety of events taking place.

Osteophatie im mullenviertel
Logo e Branding design
Web Site, Design and development.

The main goal of the communication idea for the Aom (Medical Office specializing in Osteopathy) project was to communicate empathy. For this reason, the creation of the logo has a very marked evocative component. For this project, I also created and developed the website and the corporate identity.

Logo and Brandingand

The start-up VegetalValue asked me to create a logo and a coordinated image that was very flexible and that mainly communicated the link with nature and innovation. The logo can be easily applied on various media, web (website and social networks) and printing (business cards, brochures) also closely linked to the food world (packaging).

Nemesi Trade
Logo and visual identity.

The communication of this project was based on 3 main messages: safe investments, stability and dynamism. The phoenix symbol (used in the logo) has an evocative meaning of “revenge and victory”, and can also be used as a corporate symbol depending of the support(Web,App,Printing).

Logo and Branding.

Omarcado is an online supermarket that wants to stand out for its fast delivery and competitive prices. The logo and visual identity have been designed to be easily recognizable on the various media, especially on the web. The reference to Brazil, evident in the naming’s choice, dictated the colors.